The beauty of Digital Cartography

At Historic Maps of New England we believe that the inherent details of ward maps that makes them so interesting can be graphically enhanced to make them true pieces of fine art. As artists we look at each individual map, or collection of maps, to create a work of art that will last a century or more. After digitally repairing and cleaning the original maps we update the overall color schemes, add texture and patterns, and adjust sharpness, contrast, tone and vibrancy. In some cases, such as in our Cape Cod collection we will digitally stitch maps or sections of maps together to provide a more interesting presentation. 

Why hang an old original print when you can digitally colorize the history of the map and make it come to life. 

Historic Maps George-7.jpg

Meet George

The owner of Historic Maps of New England, George Thorlin, does more than restore maps. His passion for cartography started in the early 1990s when he discovered an antique map showing his own house that was built in the late 18th century. He quickly became an avid collector and eager student of the history they contained. With this appreciation of cartography he began his journey to find a new way to bring these treasures back to life. His objective was simple, to harness today’s technology to transform the timeworn maps of yesteryear into wonderful pieces of fine art to display.  In doing so, he has created a new genre he describes as Enhanced Graphic Cartography.


The Historic Maps of New England Team